Lent and today’s readings are an invitation to action. In the reading from Exodus we have an account of Moses’ experience of God. It is the famous story of the burning bush. Moses saw and was fascinated by a bush that was burning but not being consumed by the fire. As he draws near to get a better look, he hears God’s voice: “Here I am. Come no nearer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground. I am the God of your fathers.” Moses is enthralled and excited. It is wonderful to experience the consolation of God’s presence. It is comforting to abide in the warmth of God’s presence. Then Moses becomes aware that God wants him to do something. He is not too happy about this turn of events. He tries to gain control. He asks God, “What’s your name.” The implication is – if you call somebody by their name you are in control. David Steele in a retelling of this passage, has God answer Moses: “My name is I AM WHAT I AM UP TO. When it concerns you, you will know about lt. One of us is God and it ain’t you.” In other words, Let go and let God. We know the rest of the story – Moses becomes a great leader and teacher for God’s people .. Like Moses, we are willing to accept the perks but try to avoid the responsibilities. God is asking Moses to act now. That is the constant call of God to us – act now. That is also the invitation of Lent. Act now. Seize the season. Seize the day. Seize the moment. Lent is a good time to ask ourselves if we have “settled in” when it comes to being a Catholic – not overly exerting ourselves in the practice of our faith? Have we become “couch Catholics”?

© 2013 Eugene S. Ostrowski