“One Mission, One Day” is a 24-hour giving campaign on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, benefiting Corpus Christi School. Please consider supporting CCS through one of our corporate giving programs. All proceeds in this campaign will go to give our staff a much-needed bonus! We have TWO generous matching grants totaling up to $15,000. Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar. Our goal is to raise $50,000.


Matching Gift: Donors are more likely to support our school when they know their gift is being matched to maximize their support. You can select to match the entire day or up to any amount donating to this campaign.


Dollar Challenge: This option is created by a donor indicating that will make a gift in a pre- determined amount of their choosing when the school reaches a certain level of financial support through gifts or hits a certain number of donors.


One Time Donation: If your organization would like to make just a general donation to this campaign that option is available as well.

*Gifts can be sent in by returning this form to 1512 Warwood Ave. Wheeling, WV 26003 or be given online at our secure site that is open now at https://www.onemissiononeday.org/organizations/corpus-christi-school-28271a41-db7c-4a4e-a0e6-dcbdfc3c7ff3.

For additional information please contact Miranda Zambito by calling 304-277-1220 or at mzambito@ccwheeling.net