Monday, December 12th

Today’s gospel is about Jesus’ authority. In fact, the Jews are asking Jesus if he is preaching and acting on the authority of the awaited Messiah and, if so, what the proof is. Jesus refers back to John the Baptist. In fact, Jesus is telling them that they need no more proof of His Messiahship and his divine authority. Have I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior?

Tuesday, December 13th

The parable of two sons reflects our response to God’s plans in our life. The first son represents those performed to be living sinful lives, but who repent and change their response to God. The second son represents those presumed to be living holy lives, who refuse to do God’s will in actual practice. In our wavering, uncertain, inconsistent, arrogant and immature response to God’s will, we may be reflecting the attitude of both sons alternatively. How do I respond daily God’s will for me?

Wednesday, December 14th

Reading of today’s Gospel passage, one wonders if John the Baptist is convinced or confused about the identity of Jesus. In fact, John is urging Jesus to make a public statement of His true identity. Jesus, in fact, compares the prophecies of the Old Testament with His own deeds. It is evident that His deeds are a fulfilment of Old Testament Prophecies. Do I believe in, follow and submit myself to the Lordship of Jesus?

Thursday, December 15th

After a gap of 400 years, one day people hear the voice of a prophet crying out in the desert. – the voice of John the Baptist. It is this event that Jesus picks up in todays’ gospel, showing how great John the Baptist is. But Jesus adds that the least in the kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist. To enter the kingdom of God means to accept Jesus and his reign over our lives. Do I belong to the Kingdom of God?

Friday, December 16th

Jesus once again praises John the Baptist as a burning and shinning lamp. He bears testimony to the truth not only through his preaching but also through his martyrdom. But Jesus says His own testimony is even greater than that of John because He accomplishes His works in obedience to the Father. Jesus is the true light that enlightens all people. We too, like the John the Baptist, are called to be a “burning and shinning lamp”. Our life has to be a true reflection of the light of Christ. Does my life reflect the light of Christ?

Saturday, December 17th

The book of the genealogy of Jesus reveals His human ancestry. The list of his ancestors shows that they were ordinary humans with their own limitations and weaknesses. Jesus was born of the lineage of David, but David himself had his weaknesses. It shows that in His perfect solidarity with humans, God in Jesus chose to be among imperfect and sinful people and was born of an imperfect ancestry. Sinless as He was, He came to redeem the sinful world.