A Message From Father Paul

Holy Thursday

Dear Friends, last few weeks I miss you all. I am praying every day for each and every one of you during the Holy Mass and before the blessed sacrament especially during this Holy week as we face this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Triduum begins with the tonight’s celebration of the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper.  On this Holy Thursday, we celebrate three anniversaries. 1. The anniversary of the first Holy Mass. 2. The anniversary of the institution of ministerial priesthood. 3. The anniversary of Jesus’ promulgation of His new commandment of love.

Jesus has said: the greatest expression of love is, giving one’s own life for, one’s friend. Today we find Jesus fulfilling his own words by washing their feet, and in the other, he is feeding them with his own body and blood, in the form of bread and wine. Thus Jesus institutes the sacrament of love. The language of love can be understood only by love.  Secondly, Jesus instituted the Eucharist and the priesthood on the day of supper. The holy Eucharist is not simply an object, but an action. In the Eucharist, Jesus obliges us, to discover his broken body as really present in the world, in the suffering people around us. He invites us to break ourselves, as the bread on the Eucharistic table, and share with others.

The wedding at cane, Jesus changed water into wine– Jesus did not have to suffer to make a miracle.

When you pray to God to grant you certain favors like, to have a good job, good house, good children, etc., Jesus might have granted all the favors to you. For that he does not have to suffer bodily.  Jesus suffered, crucified and died to give us a favor, that is called Eucharist. He was born in a Manger to become the Eucharist. He was obedient to his parents and stayed 30 years with them to become the Eucharist. 3 Years He goes around preaching the good news, healing the sick, doing many miracles to become Eucharist. At Gethsemane Jesus cried loudly to His Father, “my father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me” – It is to become Eucharist. Jesus was scourged to become Eucharist. The whole night Jesus suffered because of the physical torture to become the Eucharist. Three times He fell down with the cross on the way to Calvary to become Eucharist. The soldiers broken his legs while he was hanging on the cross – to become the Eucharist. Jesus cried out in a loud voice on the Cross, “Father into your hands I commend my spirit’, in order to become the Eucharist.

Dear Friends, Our Eucharist is the place from which he sends us out to wash the feet of others, figuratively at least. Genuine Eucharistic piety leads to actual service of others. We must follow his example both at the altar of the Eucharist and at the altar of life.

I pray that you will find the time to reflect and pray during the Triduum, especially as we may not be able to physically be in church for Holy week because of the Corona Virus “safer at home.”

Fr. Paul Mundumoozhikkara

Updated: April 9, 2020 — 11:46 am

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